Important Recommendation 
All “slate” Pool Tables must be disassembled when moved, unless being moved in the same room, a few feet, properly set on Dolly’s, by qualified Technicians who know the aspects of a Pool Table.

Our Techs are trained to work with all makes, models and designs of Pool Tables. 

Services We Provide

Disassemble, Move, Assemble, Balance, Level Pool Tables

  • Local Areas: Broward County, West Palm Beach County, Miramar, North Miami
  •  We also relocate pool tables to parts of the West Coast of Florida, Central Florida and some Northern   parts of Florida
  • Pool Table going Upstairs/Downstairs – additional fees
  • In-House move from one room into another

Recovery (replace cloth on Pool Table)

  • We use Championship Billiard Fabric (cloth), Iwan Simonis Cloth, Sunbrella Fabric (outdoor pool tables), Imperial Cloth

New Bumpers (replace cushions on pool table rails)

  • We use K66, Brunswick Speed, U23
  • All six cushions are replaced, even if only one is bad

Storage (our facility allows for storage space to accommodate your pool table)

  • Re-modeling and need your pool table moved out of the way
  • New floor or carpet installation, painting the room where the pool table is 
  • We will pick up the pool table and place it into our storage facility for as long as needed. Storage fee vary depending on length of storage needed.


  • Just moved in and need the pool table assembled
  • Moving out of state, need the pool table disassembled, prep for shipping, and most importantly, the slates of the pool table need crating and protection to assure they don’t get damaged during the move. 

Service Call

  • Balance/Level pool table
  • Move pool table to replace an area rug or perhaps put an area underneath
  • Move pool table a few feet in the same room
  • Replace pockets or adjust them

Refinishing Woods

We have a wood re-finisher on staff who is a master at mixing and blending colors.  He has been refinishing woods for about 20 years and can match and highlight colors to perfection. Many of our clients have had a pool table for many years, the wood needs some touch up and has faded in need of a fresh look or maybe they want to keep the pool table and refinish the wood to a different color.  

Whatever the reason, we can help give a fresh new look to that pool table with new cloth, new bumpers or even refinish that wood…

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