Welcome to America Billiards - Sales & Service

Since 1984, America Billiards has been serving South Florida with quality service from our team of  Billiard Technicians responding to South Florida's pool table needs. Providing quality pool tables, moving pool tables from one location to another or changing the cloth on your pool table. We will accommodate you with any type of service that may be required.

Our showroom is filled with some of the very best billiard manufacturer products, pool tables and complete accessories for all your game room needs. Our goal is to serve you our customer with pride in the work that we do and the best prices for quality equipment. From pool tables and lighting to wall decorations and game room accessories, we will help you design your home game room to suit your style. Stroll through our site and get an idea of some of the items we carry. Call us or visit our showroom for more information.

We will see you there!